semi-precious materials

Tiger Eye Iron
Quartz White With Silver Backlit
Sodalite With Cooper
Tiger Eye old With Blue
Agate Blue Special Design  cccyu
Amethyst Lux Dark Design Flower Backlit
Calcite Orange backlit
Quartz Yellow Backlit
Quartz White With Silver
Tiger Eye Blue
Feldspath Tiger
Tiger Eye old Retro
Feldspath Tiger With Amonites
Sodalite With Silver
Quartz Green
Quartz Chocolate2
Quartz Chocolate1
Chocolate Quartz Backlit
Quartz Chocolate1 Backlit
Quartz Yellow
Quartz White
Quartz White Backlit
Quartz White 0 Backlit
Quartz White 0
Quartz Smokey With Silver
Quartz Smokey Medium Sellection
Quartz Smokey Medium Sellection Backlighted
Tiger Eye Gold1
Quartz Smokey Dark Sellection
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