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Terms & Conditions (By placing an order you agree to our terms and conditions)



The quotation we provide is based on interpretation of the information you have supplied. It is the customers responsibility to ensure everything on the quotation is correct. If the quotation contains any errors or we have missed any items, you should contact us to amend the quotation. Changes to the quotation may affect the price and/or lead time. If you make variations to your quotation at template, you will incur additional costs (if these increase material or labour required). Changing colour at template may incur restocking costs because we could order the material in from our supplier prior to your template, to ensure we meet our quick turn-around times.

Installations that are not on the ground floor with available free parking and good site access will incur additional costs.


All Quotations that state 'template and installation included' are based on a 50 mile radius from HA13QX. If the site is outside this radius, additional costs will occur and lead times may change. You must be available and on site at template to ensure all work we carry out is what you expect and sign it off for production. If no one is available prior to template. The site must be completely ready for templating. All walls/units/panels/supports (anything that may affect the worktops in anyway) must all be fully fixed will fit. Customer is responsible for checking whether their sink needs to be onsite at template.



During installation we can generate dust, We will try to keep this to a minimum but unfortunatly this can not be avoided. we recommend that the base cabinets and any open units are empty and that the room is as empty as possible. We clean up as much as we can but dust will settle over the next 48 hours after installation. On rare occasions we will need to carry out work outdoors which may create some dust in your garden or on your driveway.

- Please note we can only give AM or PM times for site arrival.

- Please note a quality acceptance signature is required at installation in the event of no persons being present we will not accept any

any claims for damage or faulty product at a later date.

- Please note during fitting it may be necessary to cut the carcass at the sink location, this should be carried out by your kitchen installer

however if we do complete this task it is at your risk not Hedgehog Investments ltd

- Stone upstands can only be manufactured in straight lines and will NOT follow walls.

As with the template, you will need to be on site to inspect and sign off installation. You must inspect the installation very carefully scratches/marks etc must be brought to the attention on our fitters before they leave site. If no one is on site for installation, we will assume your acceptance of the work carried out without inspection and any remaining balance payable on day of installation will be due immediately so you will need to arrange for this in your absence. Please note we will not be held responsible for positioning carcasses at any time, this is the responsibility of the kitchen fitter prior to installaltion. All carcasses including island carcasses should be fixed in place prior to our arrival at template, the carcasses should then not be moved between template and installation.

We will not accept any responsibility for any scratches/chips or wear and tear on the Installed surface once the installers have left site.


Wall Chases & Sealing

Despite templating it may be necessary to chase out parts of the wall/cut carcass panels in order to aid installation. This is to be made good by others after Installation. We will not seal where the Installed surface butts up to the wall.


Re-arranging a Template or Installation Date

In the event that you are not going to be ready for templating or installation, please contact us at least 24 hours before we are due on site. Wherever possible we will do our best to accommodate any changes. A charge will be applied if a template or installation is cancelled or postponed with less than 48 hours notice. If we attend the site and the template or installation cannot be carried out due to the site not being ready, inaccessibility or any other reason out of our control, you will be charged the full price of the template and/or installation again. The charge of template visit is £150 + VAT.


Cleaning and Maintenance

Please read the 'Use and Care’ or ‘All You Need To Know' guidelines which are available on request.



Stone Kahuna paper gift vouchers can be exchanged for a discount while purchasing natural stone or quartz goods with Hedgehog Investments LTD.

Discount vouchers may not be exchanged for cash.

Discount vouchers may not be used to discharge indebtedness on any account issued by Hedgehog Investments LTD.

You need to prompt us about possession of the discount voucher while enquiring us face to face, online or over the telephone or in our shops, you will be required to present discount voucher to our any of our operatives during template visit.

Discount vouchers are active till the date stated on the voucher. This date is the final date to put the order and pay the deposit for the goods.

Discount gained from the voucher will be calculated form the retail price and cannot be combined with any other voucher or promotion launched by Hedgehog Investment Ltd.  

Only one discount voucher can be used per household.




All appliances need to be installed (except hobs/extractor fans/S Box's/Pop up sockets and taps) These need to be onsite at template in some cases to be taken with out fitters to our workshop. Please note we would never remove existing worktops/units or appliances, this would be done by others before we arrive to template. On site we will make assumptions based on your quotation and will not be held liable for any misinterpretations at quotation stage. in place and must not under any circumstance be moved or altered between templating and installation. All plastering on walls must be finished


Finish of Material

Unless otherwise requested and stated in your quotation and order confirmation, the standard finish of your material will be a polish finish. This is to ensure the best finish for ease of cleaning and maintenance. If you would like other finish then this would need to be requested at quotation stage as this may require a longer lead time and incur additional costs than the standard polish finish.


Heat Precautions

As the material we use is natural stone or quartz, there are some limitations when it comes to heat. You should never put hot pans directly onto solid surface material tops or sinks as this may damage the surface. If pouring boiling water into a solid surface acrylic sink, always run the cold tap at the same time. Always use the correct size pan on the burner and place it centrally as an overhanging pan can scorch the surrounding surface. You also need to avoid putting anything over the joins that may create heat such as slow cookers, steamers etc…as this can cause the joins to split. Also you should put these kind of appliances on a heat protective mat when in use.



We advise that you NEVER sit or stand on your worktops as you may cause a join to split and you will NOT be covered by any warranty for misuse.


Sensitive Colours

Sensitive colours are saturated and dark colours that will show dust, scratches and other wear and tear more visibly than lighter and less saturated ones. We recommend that these colours should NOT be used in applications where the surface is exposed to heavy use and contact ] e.g. worktops. A list of sensitive colours is available upon request. (please note some sensitive colours are worse than others and this can be explained to you.)


Random Veined Colours

Random Veined Colours may differ to a small sample. A larger sample may be available upon request. The veining pattern on the quartz and marble slabs is random and is NOT guaranteed to have the same colour and intensity of the veins between the slabs. Also due to the random nature of the veins, it is unlikely to have a continuous flow of the veins when two slabs or two pieces of the same slabs are seamed together. The change of pattern will show up on the seam area. If you decide to change to this colour upon template then additional costs may be incurred even if your quote is based in the same price group. The reason for this is because extra material is often required due to the directional nature of the material.


Up stands, Splash backs, Wall Cladding and Window Sills

All upstands/Splashbacks and cladding will be in 20mm thick material (unless stated on quotation) and will only run against a wall (NOT Tall housing etc)

As standard, the top edge of all Coved upstands is finished with a square edge profile.

- Coved upstands can only be manufactured in straight lines and will NOT follow walls.

As standard, window sills do not have an overhang or horns.

After installation is complete, you may notice a small, and sometimes uneven, gap between your up stands and the wall. This is where we have to run the upstand in straight sections, we try to follow the wall as best we can. This gap should be filled (by others) in with decoration filler after the worktop installation is complete. Please note this is not something we would do unless requested at the quotation stage as this may affect the quotation and scheduling.


Edge Profiles

When no edge profile is stated, we will assume that you want a standard profile in your quotation. Standard edge profiles that do not incur any additional costs are: single pencil, single bevel and square edge. If you would like a different edge profile you just need to let us know so we can allow for this in our quotation and scheduling. Some non standard profiles may not be able to be applied to edges or

down stands so you will need to check this with us.



Unless otherwise requested, we will assume that you want 20mm or 30mm thicknes of the stone/quartz surfaces . 20mm , 30mm are standard thickness of the stone/quartz  slabs that do not incur any additional cost. Other thicknesses can be delivered by adding extra mitred edge or doubling edges are available at extra cost. The return underneath your tops will be the thickness of the

material which is normally. (Other returns are available at an extra cost on request)


Overhangs, Sub Frame and Support Requirements

Unless otherwise specified, we will assume that you want an overhang of 40mm from the carcass edge. With a standard kitchen door

thickness of 18-20mm this gives a standard overhang of 20-22mm from the door. If you are having different thickness doors, handleless doors or a nonstandard edge profile, you may want to consider different overhangs. You must confirm the overhang that you want upon templating. If your units are not straight, the overhang you have may vary.

The maximum overhang that we can usually achieve without additional support is 300mm with 20mm thick material and 350mm with 30mm material. If larger overhangs are required, at an additional cost we can normally insert steel supports into the tops which will provide additional support.

If your installation requires a bracket to fix material to the wall, it is your responsibility to ensure that the wall is structurally sound to support the installation. We can advise, and occasionally supply, the brackets that you require. Please contact us to discuss this.


Hob Cut Outs

We will assume that hob cut outs are for standard fitting hobs. Please let us know if you have a flush fit hob so we can allow for this in our quotation. For flush fit hobs a gap of 1 to 2mm is required around the edge of the hob. You can fill this gap with silicone in the colour of your choice, this is to allow for heat expansion. If you have a downdraft extractor, an additional cut out will be required for this so please let us know.



There is required at the back of the hob should never be less than 60mm on flat tops without upstand.  We can still proceed with manufacture if the distance is less than this however a disclaimer will need to be signed.


Socket Cut Outs

Where pop up socket cut outs have been requested, please ensure that these are on site upon templating and installation. The price for

standard pop up sockets is based on standard 102mm diameter sockets. Please note, we do not install pop up sockets (cut out only).

If we are doing cut outs in up stands or splash backs, please make sure that the sockets are in place, fascias are removed and that the wires are either not live or made safe. Please also ensure that the fascias are on site during templating and installation. If they are not, we will assume that the size of the cut outs required are based on standard sockets.



No water or gas plumbing is undertaken by our fitters. You will need to arrange for a plumber to plumb in your sink/s, tap/s and hob/s. Please do not book your plumber until your worktops are in site as we can't take responsibility for additional plumbing costs incurred due to delay in installation.



If you choose yourself to supply the sink please make sure you have these on site for templating and installation. We would need to take most under mounted sinks away with us in order to for us to fabricate them into the worktop. Some sinks (particularly ceramic) will need to be supported from underneath. It is your responsibility to ensure that adequate support is in place before installation of the worktops.


Drainer Grooves and Recessed Drainers

Drainer grooves are mainly for aesthetic purposes and to indicate where things can be left to dry rather than actually facilitating effective draining. We provide a standard range of drainer groove designs to choose from. There is also a range of non standard designs of grooves available but these may incur an additional cost. If a recessed drainer has been requested, as standard we will recess the draining area only. There are many different styles of recessed drainers available but these may incur an additional cost.

Recessed drainers with no grooves will have slight falls as standard. Drainer grooves and recessed drainers are available together but falls will be in the grooves ONLY.


Exterior Use/Interior Use with High UV Exposure

Where your quartz material is intended for exterior use or use with high UV exposure, only certain brands and colours will be suitable.

We will always assume that the material is intended for interior use without high UV exposure unless otherwise requested and stated in your quotation. If material is required for outdoor application or indoors with high UV exposure then a list of suitable colours can be provided. Different brands and colours have different guarantees regarding colour fade and gloss loss. This information can be provided upon request.



Please note these terms and conditions are subject to change without warning when ever Hedgehog Investments feel necessary.



The company reserves the right to request payment before delivery for supply only goods Certificate of satisfaction must be signed on completion of works, as this constitutes that you are entirely satisfied with the goods and workmanship. Therefore, the final balance of your order will be charged to the credit/debit card used for previous payments unless an alternative means of payment has been otherwise stated below.

NOTE if the certificate of satisfaction is not signed off, we will assume your acceptance of the work carried out and any remaining balance payable will be due immediately)



As an authorised Quartz installer we are qualified to give 10 to 15 year Warranty for Kitchen Worktops and interior cladding depending of the manufacturer. Please note warranties will only be offered for items that we install. As per natural stone item we cannot issue warranty for the stone itself but we can give 1 year warranty for installation. You have to register your guarantee within 30 days from final payment on our website so it becomes valid. Please contact us if you have problems of doing so. We reserve the right to repair on site and not replace the surface. On rare occasions we may need to remove the surface and bring back to the factory in order to repair the defect if a suitable repair cannot be made on site. A replacement will then be taken back to site as soon as possible. In the event of a defect we will carry out an inspection, if the defect is found to be caused by misuse and not the fault of Hedgehog Investments ltd then a cost will be chargeable. If any additional costs are to be applied then the client will be advised of these before we carry out any works.Please note we do not reimburse for any lost time/earnings.

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