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Flooring Abracadabra

  • natural stone flooring

  • mosaic and patterns flooring

  • patio flooring

Bathroom Charms

  • vanity tops

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  • bathroom cladding to walls

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Special Hocus-Pocus

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Design Magic

We are here to help, and we work together until your project is completed. If you are struggling with design concepts, we can assist you with those to your satisfaction. We can prepare a complete stonework design according to your requirements.


in a detail ...

Below you will find a short brief of all aspects of our services separated into stages.


We are specialist in our field. There are thousands of different materials; shades and colours are only one property of dozen at least with the same importance as aesthetics. This selection process can be difficult and it is easy to make an expensive mistake. As experienced Stonemasons and Specification salespeople, we have extensive knowledge of the stones we have used for decades. Our knowledge is to be shared with you to pick the best material for your project.


We do not outsource. The templates are measured and refined by our specialists on-site. Our skilled staff will discuss with you all the critical points of the final outcome during the template visit, and any necessary adjustments are made before the product is produced. 




We look for materials and slabs from different sources. For everyday jobs, we source materials from UK wholesalers. However we have global connections and we are able to bring slabs from any part of the world if it is your request. Please feel free to browse our materials database on the “Materials” section of the page.


Cutting and polishing processes are the most important stages of fabrication of Natural stone or Quartz. We are very confident about this part of our production is to our satisfaction. We use only the best masonry tools and machinery. Our extensive know-how allows us to deliver in a time-honoured fashion or earlier if ahead of schedule.


Our specialists in house conduct all fittings. As we measure the template (s) we are confident we can perfect the result of the fitting. Our staff are well equipped and prepared for the trickiest or simplistic installations to your requirements. We are a fully insured company.

This is the last optional stage of the lives of our stone products. The stone is durable and tough but sometimes … things just happen… breaking or chopping your stone surface may not require it’s a full replacement. Don’t forget we are true magicians… If your fittings need repair or maintenance we will wave our magic and repair it. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, about repair of even very mature stones.